What to wear for fall family photos? Fall fashion photoshoot ideas

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Many families decide to take pictures during the fall. there are many reasons to do it, it is a lovely season to be thankful for families, but it also calls for some bold fashion choices. How could you make sure that you’re picking your outfits right? Read these fall fashion photoshoot ideas for families and build outfits that will make you look like supermodels.

Be comfortable

Person playing with leaves in comfortable fall fashion ideas for family photoshoot

The first rule for dressing for a photo shoot should always be to be comfortable. Posing isn’t usually a comfortable experience, so at least make sure that your clothes are allowing you movement and to look at ease during pictures.

For children, it is especially important to put them in clothes that won’t unleash a tantrum. Also, clothes that fit them nicely and allow them to work with prompts will help you get better pictures.

Also, remember comfortable doesn’t have to be a synonym for sportswear. Think about clothing that makes you feel like your best self. For sure you have items in your closet that make you feel like a millionaire because they fit perfectly and have a soft fabric. Try wearing something like that and figuring out outfits under these conditions for the children.


There is nothing that screams louder: fall fashion than layering. It comes in handy to stay warm during cold weather but is also stylish. Layering makes outfits look way more put together than wearing just a blouse or a shirt.

Some people find layering difficult. You might end up with too much clothing underneath. This creates the wrong visual effect of being larger or simply bulkier. It could also be quite uncomfortable which we already established we would like to avoid.

The best tips for getting the right layering effect are:

  1. Start with one thin layer
  2. Stick to just one bulky item
  3. Use tights and skirts to keep layers on your lower half
  4. Play with fabric textures to create an interesting effect
  5. You could use collars to make it seem like you have a full sweater underneath

These five tips can help you get the fall fashion effect you so desperately want. You could apply it to all family members and have a very stylish family photoshoot.

Color palettes

Color palettes for fall fashion ideas

Usually, for family photoshoots, people like to match as a group. Some people make all family members stick to one color outfit. For example all-white or everyone in jeans and a red t-shirt. However, this could make pictures look corny and take away the character of each member. No one should be wearing a uniform during a family photo shoot. Let’s freshen up your fall fashion ideas for family photoshoot.

Color theory is the bane of the existence of many artists and fashion experts. However, color combinations don’t have to be over complicated. There are many ways to hack your way through color combinations.

Try these color combinations ideas for your outfits:

  1. Neutral: gray, black, navy blue, white and brown are all friends. When you use these colors in your outfit there is no way to go wrong. keep this in mind: if they go with everything, they go together. And chances are you already have a lot of pieces in your closet in these colors.
  2. Complementary: Pick one color and its opposite. You could stick to autumn colors to stay in the theme. For example a shade of light blue and an orangy brown.
  3. Angolous: Pick one color from the color wheel and choose the other two beside it. This will leave you for example with three different shades of blue to build an outfit around.
  4. Triadic: This technique is based on the same principle as the Complementary but with three colors. Pick one color and their opposite, then pick one that is in the middle of those two.
  5. Tetradic: This is the same idea as the Triadic but with four colors. You’ll end up with colors from four hemispheres of the color palette.

If you find it too difficult to make out color palettes for your fall fashion ideas, try this app by Canva, it is a color wheel that automatically generates color palettes.

And in when in doubt remember what Marc Chagall once said:

“All colors are the friends of their neighbors and the lovers of their opposites.”

Marc Chagall

Mix patterns and textures

Mixed pattern as inspiration for fall fashion

Mixing stripes with polka dots may seem counterintuitive, but it is a good way to make an outfit look expensive. It is an outdated rule not to mix patterns. You could try to mix patterns keeping in mind your color combinations to make them match. For example, a red flower print could look good with an orange and pink geometric pattern. you could also stay in the theme and only mix animal print or nature patterns.

The same goes for textures in clothing. You could have a knitted sweater and layer it with a wool blazer. of course, you should keep in mind your color combinations.

Mixing patterns and textures will keep your outfits interesting to the eye. The possibilities are endless.

In conclusion about fall fashion ideas for a family photoshoot

Sweaters for fall fashion ideas for family photoshoot

Keeping comfortable during a photoshoot is key but this doesn’t exclude being creative with your outfit. What makes an outfit stand out is the color palette, the layers, and the textures and patterns. try new things to make your outfit catch your eye. Finally, try these tips differently on each member of the family to keep your family portrait cohesive yet authentic. For example, you could choose yellow as your main color, but pick a tetradic palette for the kids and keep the rest in an angolous one. You could also make sure everyone has a texture an element that repeats or a similar style in layers.

Have fun with these fall fashion ideas for family photoshoots and make them your own.

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